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How often do you find yourself in an Instagram black hole when you only indented to scroll through it for a few seconds? We’ll admit first: way too often. Although it’s scientifically proven that interrupting your work flow with a quick social media fix has major impact on your concentration level (apparently, it takes up to 15 minutes to get back into the zone), it does come with a few perks, too. Besides being able to shamelessly stalk your current guy or girl crush without being labeled as a freak, Instagram is also the perfect place to quickly meet fellow creatives, admire the beautiful feeds of talented people and figure out how other millennials afford their lifestyle.

In search of colourful Instagram feeds, we stumbled upon @porcelainhope, and were pleasantly surprised to find out there was a Belgian girl behind this amazing account. Kimberley Dhollander is a 29-year-old independent photographer at Evenbeeld and a true creative chameleon: she captures weddings, food stylings, interiors and landscapes, but never ceases to give every assignment her own, recognizable touch. While she’s an expert in creating beautiful images for several clients, she’s mostly drawn to unexpected compositions, surprising sceneries and interesting textures, which shows when you look at her Instagram feed.

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++ What is Instagram to you?

"A social platform where everyone feels free to express themselves."

++ Could you describe your Instagram feed in three words?

"I can do it in four! Colourful. Minimalistic. Textures. Prints."

++ What conditions should a picture meet before you place it online?

"It just has to fit together and represent my visual identity."

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++ Do you use Instagram for recreational or professional reasons?


++ Did you put a lot of thought into you Instagram feed beforehand, or did the colourful theme just happen overtime?

"I try not too overthink it, and just follow my gut feeling."

++ Which picture sums up your entire feed and why?

"A picture I made in Ljubljana. Whenever I photograph for pleasure, I often end up capturing houses, walls and textures. This picture has everything I love in it."

++ Are you deliberately looking for colourful places to photograph, or do you find them by accident?

"A bit of both, I think. When there’s a city trip coming up, I often look for cool places to visit in advance, but it’s more fun to stumble upon surprising and intriguing places by accident."


++ How important is a well-curated feed for you, and how do you keep up with it?

"Quite important, I must admit… But it does come naturally to me. I just post what I like, and trust my eye for aesthetic. I don’t curate to the extreme. There’s no fun in that!"

++ Tell us about your editing process.

"I don’t use smartphone filters and combine Lightroom and Photoshop."

++ Could you give us your 3 favourite Instagram accounts (and tell us why you love them so much?)

"They're self-explanatory: @michellenorrisphoto, @tomwindeknecht and @coolmachineshop."